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Jewelry Care Tips


Clean gently with warm water and mild dish soap. An old toothbrush can be used to scrub behind any gemstones and a hair dryer can be used to prevent any water spots from forming.


Use a soft cloth to polish jewelry and to separate pieces when storing. Every purchase includes the ideal polishing cloth, jewelry pouch, and crush proof box for storing and travel.


Put jewelry on at the end of your morning routine. This prevents any lotions, perfumes, or hair products from dulling the jewelry piece's luster.


Avoid wearing jewelry while showering, sleeping, or working out to minimize the chances of your jewelry snagging on loose threads or hitting hard surfaces.

Every piece from Atheria Jewelry is made from solid gold and with real diamonds and gemstones. It will never tarnish or discolor. Using the tips above will ensure your jewelry will remain shiny, bright, and damage free!