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Free US Shipping + Free Priority Shipping on Orders $450+
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Our Jewelry

Modern Feminine Jewelry for Every Woman

Atheria Jewelry was founded on the principle that every woman should have access to fine jewelry. 

From our experience, the current jewelry market is dominated primarily by costume jewelry at one end of the spectrum and big brand name jewelry at the other. While costume jewelry (gold plated jewelry on brass, copper, or silver with synthetic gems) are attractive, affordable, and perfect as seasonal fashion statements, they are generally not lasting pieces of jewelry. Big brand name jewelry, while made of excellent quality, are priced beyond the budget of the mainstream consumer, usually costing thousands of dollars. The high markup is usually due to the high overhead of having a retail store (or dozens of them) and huge advertising campaigns across television, web, and print. 

We want to present a third option. We offer the same quality that big brands offer but can bypass a huge markup. We do this by selling exclusively online and leveraging social media to communicate directly with you. Choosing pieces for our collection, we consider three main tenets:


We focus on what the jewelry is made from. Precious metals (i.e. solid gold or platinum rather than plated or filled gold) are our choice materials as solid gold and platinum will not rust or tarnish over time. 

All of our white diamonds are graded SI (‘eye-clean’) or above for clarity, and Colorless (D to F) or Near Colorless (G to J).

Each product page also contains detailed information about its specific cut and carat. 


Whether it is creating our own designs or working closely with local designers, our jewelry designs are modern yet timeless. 

We desire to provide our clients with investment pieces that last beyond one or two fashion cycles.


We are third generation jewelers who have made lasting relationships with designers and manufacturers. We leverage those relationships to serve you, our loyal clients. 

We believe the most valuable purchases are not the ones with the highest price tags, but the ones in which the buyer gets the best value. While working with higher grade materials may mean a higher upfront cost, this results in not only jewelry pieces that last for years rather than months, but also a collection that will retain its value.