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Valentine's Date Idea

Originally Published January 30, 2016.

This one goes out to all the guys who may be late planners. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there is one gift your better half wants more than anything else: your time. Your time in being meaningful in what you say and your time being thoughtful in what you do. So what will you say and do to show her you care? Below are some of our favorite date alternatives to the typical, and sometimes costly, dinner out. I know my wife loves our date nights. It has been less about where or what we do, but rather about spending quality time together where we have an opportunity to talk and just be with each other in a new and hopefully exciting setting. Valentine's Day is just one way to kickstart a new (or continuing an old) tradition of date nights with your significant other. While we can’t help with what to say, we can offer some solid date ideas that will show her your thoughtfulness in planning a special day.

Plus, jewelry never hurts, and we have suggested some Atheria pieces which would be a great complement to each idea as a special touch!   



This one seems fairly simple, right? A salad, perhaps a side dish, and maybe a nice steak or your go-to dish? Here’s where a little thoughtfulness comes to play. Was there a meal you shared that was really meaningful in the past (i.e. from your first date or the first time you said you loved her)? Don’t remember? What about her favorite dish at her favorite restaurant? While you can always get take out, try making your own version of her favorite dish. Extra points for creating a cocktail just for her with some of her favorite ingredients (trial and error may be the best part of this idea).

Diamond Triangle Necklace

Whether it’s enjoying morning coffee or date night at home, our line of Diamond Triangle NecklaceEarrings, and Bracelet are the perfect everyday collection that she will enjoy in the comfort of her own home and may never want to take off.


We personally appreciate living in northern California because of all the parks and trails available to us. An outdoor date reminds us to go outside and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. Find a nice trail with an awesome vista point at the end. You can time your hike so that you can either have a simple picnic at the vista point or head out to brunch before or afterward. This option allows you to avoid the crazy dinner crowds, enjoy a fresh breath of air, and opt for a more casual and relaxing day.

Diamond Disc Earrings

Our Diamond Leaf Necklace incorporates the organic beauty of nature with a splash of diamonds to give it that extra sparkle. Our Diamond Disc Earrings and Diamond Halo Bracelet perfectly fit with this nature themed date.



This is the classic night out date idea with a twist. Instead of going to a fancy dinner, try checking out a local music venue, theater production or a cooking class. Afterward, take her to that new trendy bar for a night cap. Before you head out, surprise her with a delicate piece of jewelry to complement her outfit.

Diamond Teardrop Earrings and Arc Necklace

Our Teardrop Diamond Hoop Earrings balances sparkle with delicateness to make a beautiful dress up earring. Our Diamond Arc Necklace and Diamond Flat Bar Bracelet wears beautifully dressed up or down to match any occasion.


These are our top Valentine’s Day date ideas for those who want to skip the fancy dinner route. Let us know which one's your favorite. Have a great date idea? Please share it with us!

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